The Ultimate Picnic Wine Guide: Reviewed


With daylight savings and temperatures rising, here in California we call this “Picnic Season”. Grab your blanket, pick up some cheese and gather your friends to enjoy these absolutely refreshing wines while hanging out in the sun. Enjoy Drink Me Mag’s recommendations for best picnic wines – including our 2014 Rose of Pinot Noir!

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Unique Territory


A discussion on upcoming Sonoma County AVA’s by North Bay Biz. ”

If the Petaluma Gap’s distinguishing characteristic is the wind, the West Sonoma Coast Vintners Association (WSCV) focuses exclusively on the westernmost portion of the Sonoma Coast, where the climate is maritime, rainfall can be above normal and daytime temperatures are typically cool. Much like the Petaluma Gap, grape varietals that grow best in these vineyards tend to be Pinot Noir and Chardonnay….”

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Drink a Poem: On Chardonnay, Pinot, and Poetry


“Every wine from Red Car was delicious, unusually delicious. It is not a winery I know much about, but it is one I look forward to getting to know better. I was especially drawn to the 2012 Ritchie Vineyard chardonnay & 2012 Hagan Vineyard Pinot. The Hagan vineyard is planted near the top of a ridge facing the Pacific. The grapes must love the view because the wine was crazy happy; it beamed with joy.

Fruit is the language of wine; it is how wine expresses itself. What I loved about Red Car is that all of their wines had something to say. They communicated in a voice unlike any other. Nothing strained; nothing was overdone. It was like a symphony hitting all the right notes at once. If these wines were a poet, they might be Terrance Hayes or Simone Muench–brilliant examples of high form marrying high fun.”

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