Quill Pens and Rose Shots: The Red Car Swag


I’ve heard of the new hip tasting room known as Red Car alongside the Gravenstein Highway and finally stopped in.  I first thought I was entering a music lounge.  A beautiful velvet green couch was calling my name and when I sat down I discovered the record player and shelves of records available for public selection. “Ok,” I thought, “I need to wiggle my way to the tasting bar now.” But then I found the jewelry presentation in the corner.  What a creative display – reuse your old animal horns to hold necklaces!

Now, the hip décor is nothing compared to your tasting room employees.  Everyone wants to have a good time and interacts with all the tasters with contagious energy.  Ever had a Rose shot? It sounds repulsive, but when John explained that he would rather do shots of rose than shots of tequila, I tentatively agreed.  Although, I ‘d rather just sip than shoot.

The Rose is so beautiful and has a fun label that they made a magnum size available (which is now on display in my kitchen).  Big enough for 100 rose shooters! Or, 10 glasses – however you see it.

“What’s this stool I am sitting on?” I ask myself.  Yes, old sewing stools made by Singer.  If this place wasn’t swanky enough, they also encourage all their guests to sign the Guest Book with a quill pen! Then after tasting the delicious Pinot Noirs that grow along the Sonoma Coast, you can buy a glass and play corn hole, a bean bag tossing game, outside on the grass.

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