Road Kings – North Bay Bohemian


Nice view, but what do the wines taste like? The latest in North Bay Bohemian by James Knight. Thank you for including us! Read more below.“The Gran: Red Car 2013 Fort Ross-Seaview Syrah ($55) Where King Ridge meets Hauser Bridge before a notoriously steep descent, Red Car’s estate vineyard hugs the road. This neighborhood is lousy with big names in Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir, but the under-appreciated varietal here is the Syrah. Ever been skeptical about a tasting note about “grilled blueberries”? This is it, for reals. Smoky, Malbec-like, road-tar aromas also come to mind, but when this wine hits the palate, it’s all about tangy, fresh plum skin sensations. If you prefer the Pinot from this Sonoma Coast locale, the tantalizingly aromatic, olallieberry and cherry scented, dry-finishing Red Car 2015 Fort Ross-Seaview Pinot Noir ($75) is much more than the region’s medio, indeed.” 

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