WOW: “Best of the West Sonoma County Wine Picks”


By Laura Ness:

Standout Chardonnays from this star-studded tasting: 2012 Red Car Estate, soaringly crisp and filled with stonefruit at the pinnacle of perfect ripeness:

    • In the Rosé category: The 2013 Rosé of Pinot from Red Car was lithe and lively, in a very pink way.
    • Pinot Noir Wine Picks: Such a plethora of penultimate Pinot Noirs made it hard to choose, but the ones that keep coming back again and again to haunt, as this grape often does, included: 2012 Red Car Estate, as aromatically pleasing as they come, with all the pleasures of a patch of black raspberries, orange peel and mountain spice, this wine from a vineyard at 1k feet elevation, displays beautiful balance and elegance.

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