Doc’s Ranch


This organically farmed micro-vineyard of just 1.3 acres is nestled among coastal redwoods west of the hamlet of Occidental. Planted in 2001, it is one of our coldest vineyards with very low yields and extremely limited production. 2012 is the first vintage we have been able to produce more than a barrel of this wine and we invite our mailing list members to take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to add this seductively aromatic, lively and feminine Pinot Noir to their collection.

In 2008 Bryon and Andie Sheets, the long-time owners and stewards of this property decided to plant additional acreage on an adjacent parcel. With its wild redwoods, firs and madrones poking out above a blanket of sea fog, Doc’s Ranch Vineyard is now one of the most visually dramatic sites in all of California. Despite being about four miles from the Pacific Ocean, its elevation allows it to attain warm enough temperatures to ripen and flavor its fruit.

Three different “clones” of Pinot Noir are now farmed, including Calera, Dijon 114 and Pommard as well as Clone 5 Chardonnay. The vineyard is exclusively cane pruned to give us maximum flexibility in the vineyard, and we use cover crops throughout the winter and spring months to control erosion and enhance our living soils with organic nourishment.