On the outer reaches of the viticultural frontier, this groundbreaking vineyard overlooking the Bodega Valley follows in the footsteps of its legendary namesake, Lou Platt. Lou planted the vineyard in 2004 with the stated intention of growing the best Pinot Noir in California. This achievement capped an extraordinary career that included 10 years as CEO of Hewlett-Packard and a few as Chairman of the Board of Boeing. One of the most noted Pinot Noir vineyard sites in California, our 5.2 acre section of the vineyard is challenged to set fruit every year as it is buffeted by chilling winds blowing in from the coast less than 7 miles away. Our blocks are planted to the Calera, 777 and 828 clones. They lie on an exposed southwest facing hillside, which maximizes the sunlight they receive but also exposes them to the coastal influences. The vines are densely planted, with over 2,400 vines per acre, and are farmed intensively with an eye toward minimizing vigor and maximizing vine efficiency.