Red Car is a small farming and winemaking operation based in Sebastopol and rooted in some of the most unique AVAs and vineyards in all of California.  In 2005 we planted our Estate Vineyard in Fort Ross-Seaview and for over two decades have dedicated our lives to producing site-specific, balanced wines of exceptional quality, bright fruit, complex aromatics, and moderate alcohol.  Together, our team farms and produces Pinot Noir, Syrah, Chardonnay, and Old Vine Cabernet from 6 unique vineyards all within 10 miles of the Pacific Ocean.  A combined passion for hospitality, a taste for hard work, and a steadfast dedication to the craft of winemaking define who we are and the wines we make.

Life is a journey. get on the Red Car.



We are hands-on farmers, part of a small cadre of wineries in our region who are fortunate to grow a large majority of our own fruit. For several years now we have worked hard to go beyond sustainability and have integrated the concepts and principles of organic and permaculture systems into our farming as we search for nature’s ideal pathways.

Red Car produces site-specific wines, focused on achieving bright acidity and lively aromatics. Sustainability is at the core of why we exist. We operate each part of the business from the belief that less is more. We are stewards of the land and of the people who consume our wine to ensure harmony with the Earth. We farm organically to protect the soil and our consumers from artificial chemical intervention. At each harvest, this philosophy makes its way into the cellar where we allow our wines to purely express each vineyard’s unique character. We achieve this by using native yeast fermentation and minimal intervention practices.




The coastal ridgetop vineyards in the West Sonoma Coast are situated in one of the most dramatically beautiful places in California. Formed by the San Andreas fault, the upthrust of the coastal range consists of a variety of soils perfect for growing grapes. Ridgetop elevations are cooled by their proximity to the Pacific, and are above the fog line allowing for abundant warm sunshine and a long dry growing season – ideal climatic characteristics for growing Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Syrah.


The Vineyards of West Sonoma Coast

Fort Ross-Seaview AVA Map


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